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1. The meeting commenced with opening prayers by the two faiths.

2. A welcome address by the Permanent Secretary Adamawa State Planning Commission, Pharm. Amos Piribu

3. A keynote address by the Executive Chairman Adamawa State Planning Commission, Dr. Mary Paninga, emphasized the core reasons for the ASPC’s quarterly coordination meeting, which had been in place years back as follows:

  • To allow for proper understanding of the functions of the planning commission for all partners, the commission is the entry point to any partner coming to the state intervention.  
  • Have a formal mechanism of familiarization and engagement between the State Planning Commission and donor partners.
  • To coordinate with the view to understanding what all partners are doing, where, and for how long, also to avoid duplications of same activities so as to have even spread of development across the state.
  • As one of the primary mandates of ASPC
  • For sustainability plans of the activities of NGOs in the event of withdrawal of funding partners.
  • To have the government   articulate an all-inclusive policy decisions based on facts and available records of NGOs.
  • As a platform to harvest information to be populated on the   coordination matrix for ease of having a common basis of understanding between the government and partners through the ASPC so as to be more focused and cautious in its dealings as the nerve center of Adamawa’ State’s developmental monitoring  and advisory body.

4. At this all important meeting, the SSG who was also the special guest of honour reiterated the State Government’s stand on the operations of NGOs in the state on being open, transparent and giving heed to the State’s rules and regulations. He also extended the State government’s appreciation for all interventions in Adamawa by the NGOs/Donors.

5. Prominent in attendance of the meeting were the Chief of Staff to the Governor Dr. Edgar Amos, the Hon. Commissioner of RRR, Hon. Commissioner of Women Affairs, The SA World Bank Coordination office, the Head of ADSEMA, and some permanent secretaries.

6. The Technical session was chaired by the Hon. Commissioner RRR, Bello Hamman Diram, supported by UNFPA, USAID, GIZ, OXFAM, UNHCR, iMMAP.

7. The meeting had in attendance about 200 NGOs/DONOR/DEV. Partners in the State.

8. Meeting came to close at 4pm with a Closing remark by the Hon. Commissioner for Women Affairs, Mrs.  Wunfe Anthony.

9. Partners were encouraged to frequent the 2 public domains of the State Planning Commission visible globally at present through these links:

 adspc.ad.gov.ng and


This will aid in easing their reporting and communication technologically.

10. The next meeting will be communicated as and when due by the state stakeholders

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