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Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri of Adamawa State is set to commence the construction of a 20km super highway from Welcome to Yola to Army Barack Road with dual carriages and other facilities. This infrastructure development will likely have several advantages for the state, including improved transportation efficiency and enhanced connectivity for residents and businesses. The inclusion of dual carriages and other facilities along the highway will add further convenience to motorists, allowing for rest stops, maintenance services, and other amenities. This will not only benefit the travellers but also contribute to the local economy by creating opportunities for job creation and attracting businesses to the area. Infrastructure projects like this are crucial for the overall development of regions, as they can facilitate trade, tourism, and overall economic growth. With the commencement of this superhighway, it’s expected that the people of Adamawa State will experience improved mobility and a boost to their quality of life.

Muhammad B. Tukur Gcfr

(Sardauna Nyibango)

New Media aide to the Governor

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