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In a remarkable display of talent and determination, athletes from Adamawa state have made their mark on the international stage, bringing home medals for both their state and Nigeria. The Acting Director of the Adamawa State Sports Council, accompanied by the Chief Coach of the Super Falcons of Nigeria and two outstanding indigenous athletes, led a delegation to honor these remarkable achievements. Benedicta Johnson, a true hockey sensation, recently participated in the Hockey Olympic Qualifiers held in South Africa, where Nigeria proudly clinched the silver medal. Not stopping there, Benedicta also showcased her skills at the African Hockey Club Championship in Malawi, earning a well-deserved bronze medal. Adamu Abdullahi, another exceptional athlete, showcased his prowess in the ECOWAS International Marathon held in Abuja. Competing against thousands of athletes, Adamu finished an impressive 8th, while his fellow athlete, Mohammed Adamu, secured a commendable 14th place. The event was graced by esteemed guests, including the Chairman of the Football Association and its executives, the Referee Council and its officials, the Chairman of Lazinco Football Academy, FIFA-badged referee Mr. Samuel, SWAN Adamawa State, the Ministry of Youth and Sports Development, the Adamawa State Coaches Council, and the management and staff of the Adamawa State Sports Council Yola. The Honorable Commissioner of the Ministry of Youth and Sports Development, Barrister Wali Yakub  expressed his heartfelt appreciation for the achievements of Coach Justine Medugu, who has brought immense pride to the state and the country as a whole. Coach Medugu’s efforts have led the Nigeria Super Falcons to qualify for the African Cup of Nations in July 2024. The commissioner further urged the coaches to continue their dedication and commitment, inspiring future generations of athletes. The commissioner has expressed his commitment to supporting the athletes who have brought pride to Adamawa state. He has stated that he will work towards providing employment opportunities for these talented individuals. The commissioner also talked of the governor’s  achievements and how he intends to support sporting activities in the state   has shown tremendous support for sports by initiating the construction of a state-of-the-art stadium. This stadium will not only provide a world-class facility for athletes to train and compete but also serve as a hub for sporting events, attracting more opportunities for sports development in the region. The governor’s dedication to investing in infrastructure highlights his vision for fostering a vibrant sports culture in Adamawa state. It’s an exciting time for sports enthusiasts, and this new stadium will undoubtedly contribute to the growth and success of athletes in the future.  . This initiative not only recognizes their achievements but also aims to ensure their continued success beyond their sporting careers.   the government’s dedication to the well-being and future prospects of these exceptional athletes. With such support, they can thrive both on and off the field. These remarkable achievements by the athletes from Adamawa state not only bring glory to the state but also serve as a testament to the incredible talent and potential that Nigeria possesses. Their hard work and determination are an inspiration to us all.


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