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MCC (INGO) PARTNERS’ GATHERING HOLDS AT JOS ATTENDED BY ITS TRUSTEES: Dr. Mary Paninga Executive Chairman ASPC, Professors Ayuba I. Zoaka, and Professor Patricia Lar of the University of Jos.


In a bid to assess and strategize for the future, the annual review meeting of MCC (INGO) stakeholders convened in Jos, Plateau State, drawing together a diverse group of individuals committed to advancing sustainable development in the region. The stakeholders, including representatives from governmental bodies, non-governmental organizations, and the private sector, gathered to evaluate the progress of ongoing initiatives and chart the course for upcoming projects. The event, held at Musa BOT Close, Fwavwel Rayfield, Jos, provided a platform for open dialogue and collaboration among the diverse range of actors. The attendees had the opportunity to engage in in-depth discussions on the achievements of their respective implementing partners, challenges faced, and lessons learned, fostering a spirit of shared responsibility for the success of the projects and programs. The speakers emphasized the importance of partnerships and collaboration to address complex development issues. They highlighted the need for sustainable solutions that will empower local communities and create lasting positive changes. They further highlighted the importance of continued collaboration and encouraged attendees to carry forward the spirit of partnership beyond the meeting. As the annual review meeting proceeds, participants are left with a renewed sense of purpose and determination to work together towards a more prosperous and sustainable future for the country.

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