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The State Technical Working Group (STWG) on the review of the Adamawa State Action Plan (ASA) II for the Open Government Partnership (OGP) convened over three days of intensive deliberations. The primary focus was on enhancing transparency, citizen participation, and good governance within the state. The sessions commenced with an overview of the national OGP structures, functions of the National Steering Committee, and a comprehensive exploration of the principles underlying the OGP.

Thematic/Commitment Areas: After thorough discussions and assessments, the STWG arrived at a consensus on the thematic/commitment areas to be prioritized in the Adamawa State Action Plan II. The following areas were identified as critical for the state’s progress in alignment with OGP principles:

Environment and Climate Change:

Domestication of the National Climate Change Act 1:

Adaptation and incorporation of the National Climate Change Act 1 into the state legislative framework.

Fiscal Transparency:

To strengthen effective citizens’ participation, and access to the budget and other public-related documents, including the audit process. 

Social Protection:

Operationalization of the Adamawa State social protection policy.

Implementation of measures to ensure the welfare of vulnerable populations.

Access to Information:

Domestication of the Freedom of Information Act within the state’s legal framework.

Promotion of citizens’ right to access information.

In light of the aforementioned, the three-day session of the STWG proved to be productive, resulting in a well-defined set of thematic/commitment areas for the Adamawa State Action Plan II. The agreed-upon areas underscore the commitment to open government principles, transparency, and citizen engagement. Therefore, the success of the Action Plan hinges on the continued collaboration and dedication of all involved stakeholders.

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