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Adamawa State Deputy Governor Professor Keletapwa George Faurata, has called upon every stakeholder, including citizens of the state, to join hands with the government to ensure that every citizen has the opportunity to lead a healthy life.

The Deputy Governor made this comment on Wednesday, at Government House Banquet Hall, on the occasion of the launched of Adamawa State food nutrition policy and State Multi-Sectorial Strategy Plan of Action for Food and nutrition for 2023–2027.

The Food and Nutrition Policy approach is meant to strengthen synergy among sectors and other initiatives of the government and development partners to put effort into addressing the underlying causes of malnutrition in our society.

Deputy Governor Professor Kaletapwa Farauta said the food and nutrition policy also highlights the level of commitment of the present administration, which is to tackle poverty amongst the people of the state, improve the nutritional status of the people, and enhance the overall well-being of the populace.

At the event, Professor Keletapwa Faurata said, “I call upon every stakeholder, every citizen of the state, to join hands with the government in this noble endeavor. Let’s work tirelessly to ensure that no child goes to bed hungry, that no mother worries about her child’s nutrition, and that every citizen has the opportunity to lead a healthy, productive life, which will in turn increase the human capital development of the state.”

“I am confident that with our collective effort, commitment, we will transform Adamawa State into a model of Nutrition and food security, not just in Nigeria, but across the continent,” Farauta concluded.

On their own part, the state executive chairman planning commission Dr. Mary Paninga and the state commissioner for health and human services Chief Felix Tangwami explained that the policy builds on the strategic framework provided by the National Policy and aims to address the specific problems of Malnutrition and extreme hunger peculiar to Adamawa citizens. It focuses on the various levels from the individual, household, communities and to the State level.

The UNICEF representative Philomena Irene, thanked and expressed willingness to sustain the existing collaboration with Adamawa State Government to enhance the wellbeing of citizens especially children, pregnant and breast feeding mothers.

Members of the State Executive Council and other Permanent Secretaries, Development Partners amongst others witnessed the launched of the Food and Nutrition policy.

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