Ongoing construction of 4 Cottage Hospitals in Girei, Gombi, Shelleng & Lamurde.

Employment of 2,000 health care workers.

Second batch employment of Medical Consultants, Medical officers, Medical laboratory scientists, Nurses and Pharmacists.

Total overhaul of Numan General Hospital.

Construction of OPD, renovation of Admin block & construction of new laboratory block at Gombi.

Construction & renovation of laboratory and theatre complex, OPD & maternity complex at Mubi General Hospital.

Construction of new laboratory and maternity complexes & new female surgical wards at Song Cottage Hospital.

Construction & renovation of laboratory complex, paediatric ward, female surgical ward & theatre complex at Ganye General Hospital.

Renovation and reconstruction of College of Health Tech. Michika.

Construction of First Infectious Disease Center in Northeast at Specialist Hospital, Yola.

Distribution of over 2.8 million insecticide treated nets to cushion malaria & other related diseases across the state.