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  • Executive Summary

    The Adamawa State Open Government Partnership (OGP) revolves around key thematic areas and commitments such as
    Fiscal Transparency: – Focuses on making government financial information readily available to the public, and aims to enhance accountability in budgeting and expenditure processes.
    Citizen Engagement: – Emphasizes involving citizens in decision-making processes, seeks to promote active participation and collaboration between the government and the public:
    Anti-Corruption:- Aims to prevent and combat corruption within government institutions, focuses on fostering integrity, accountability, and ethical behavior.
    Social Inclusion:- Strives to ensure that government policies and practices are inclusive and address the needs of all segments of society, aims to reduce disparities, and promotes equal access to opportunities among citizens.
    Improve Service Delivery: – Concentrates on enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of public services, and seeks to provide better and more responsive services to citizens.
    The commitments include: – Ease of Doing Business: – A commitment to simplify regulatory processes and create a business-friendly environment, aims to reduce bureaucratic hurdles and encourage entrepreneurship. Open Contracting: – Focuses on transparency in government procurement processes, A commitment to making contract information easily accessible to the public, Technological Feedback Mechanism: – A commitment to leveraging technology for citizen feedback and monitoring. Aims to establish mechanisms that allow citizens to provide input and report on government activities, fostering transparency and accountability. Thus: MDA in which the thematic areas are housed includes the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Budget & Economic Planning/Adamawa State Planning Commission, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Women Affairs & Social Development, and Ministry of Agriculture. The inauguration of the second phase of the state steering committee reflects the continued dedication to fostering an open government culture. The journey so far has witnessed notable achievements, positioning Adamawa State as a leader in promoting good governance. One of the notable achievements of the Adamawa State OGP is the successful development of the Girei Community Development Plan. This initiative has played a pivotal role in enhancing the budgetary process by introducing transparency and accountability into the budget system. The integration of community perspectives has not only improved the accuracy of budget allocations but has also fostered a sense of ownership among the citizens. Also, the OGP in Adamawa State has actively pursued citizen engagement initiatives to ensure the inclusion of public input in the state budgeting process. This commitment to participatory governance has resulted in the development of a Citizen Budget, simplifying the budgetary information for the common man. By involving citizens in decision-making processes, the state has taken a significant step towards responsive and people-oriented governance. However, the introduction of the Technological Monitoring HUB, also known as Citizen Eyes and Ears, is a groundbreaking initiative in public expenditure tracking. This system empowers citizens to monitor government activities and report any irregularities, contributing to enhanced accountability. By leveraging technology, Adamawa State has created a robust mechanism for citizens to actively participate in governance and hold authorities accountable. This tangible outcome has been reflected in the state’s improved ranking in the Global Transparency and Accountability Ranking. Recent evidence places Adamawa State in the impressive third position with a 63% score. This ranking underscores the state’s commitment to transparency, effective governance, and responsiveness to the needs and expectations of its citizens. To this end, as Adamawa State continues its OGP journey, the achievements thus far serve as a testament to the positive impact of collaborative efforts between the government and its citizens in building a more accountable and responsive state.</p>

Photo excerpt from the inauguration session of the State Steering Committee (SSC) of OGP Adamawa state by the Secretary to State Government (SSG)

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